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Liven Up Your Show with Great Party Accessories


Fun and laughter, great music and food, poppers going off and showers of confetti covering the guests – all these are an integral part of any party scene and designed to set pulses racing. However, behind this facade of merriment lies meticulous planning by the host and hours and hours of monitoring every single minute detail. Getting everything right is no easy task but if you have a systematic approach, you can structure a party that will be remembered by your guests for a long time to come.

There are many aspects to hosting a fabulous party but surely one of the key components is party accessories that will keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout. There are no standardised cookie cutter party accessories. What is good for a children’s birthday bash will not be relevant for one for adults. Similarly accessories for birthday parties will not be the same as a wedding or Christmas party.

Here are some accessories for parties that can be tried out with assured results, guaranteed to add an extra zing to an event.

Party Poppers – These are small objects that go off with a loud bang when a string is pulled. It has an embedded small explosive, so small that it is actually quite harmless. They add to the element of fun, especially at children’s parties. Hear their squeals when the poppers go off. Poppers are available in colourful packages in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Confetti – These are small pieces or streamers of paper, Mylar or metallic material which are showered on guests especially during wedding parties. However, confetti is an important part of any celebratory event including birthday parties. Confetti is available in standard designs but you can even have it customised to your needs. Confetti with numbers printed on them can be used to mark out a special event – 18th birthday, 10th wedding anniversary and so on. You can have heart shaped ones with picture of the couple for wedding parties. Let your imagination run riot when you order for confetti.

Party lights – What is a party without flashing psychedelic lights. In fact, this is a very crucial part of any party and really livens up the scene, more so if you have set up a dance floor. Have strings of party lights strung up all round the hall with coloured strobes illuminating the central area.

Candles – A party is usually a celebration and what is a celebration without appropriate candles. These sticks are now available in a wide range of options ranging from numbers to denote a period in life to sparklers to alphabets. Or you can have fragrant coloured candles placed around the hall for those really intimate parties.

These are just a few examples but when you go shopping for accessories for parties, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Party wristbands, inflatable toys, coloured streamers, hats and headwear and bubbles are some of the options you can choose from depending on the occasion and the theme of the party.

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