Add Style to Your Life With Wooden Accessories

Wooden Accessories

Wood adds natural warmth, rich colour and beautiful texture to your decor, whether it is architectural details or beautiful solid wood furniture. You can use wood with almost any style of decor and any colour scheme.  From rustic to refined, there are myriad of ways to add this fabulous look to your living room, kitchen and even to your fashion statement.

Here are few wooden accessories to add a style statement.

Wood wine rack

Whether you cook with it or keep a glass on the side for yourself, wine is a must . Keep your collection organised and within reach with a wood wine rack. Wooden wine racks can be vertical or horizontal or if you want to have a unique one then round will do. You can buy the wood racks or make one yourself. If you live in Australian suburbs then chances are high that you have a backyard with trees.

Those trees would need pruning and some would need to be removed, check them out. Or you would have already removed the tree and have an unsightly stump in the yard and thinking of what to do with it. Now is the time, convert it into a wine rack. Call in tree stump removal experts from a reputed service provider like the Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery to help you out in cutting out a full round piece of the stump. Once you have the piece, smooth out the edges with sandpaper and then bore slanting holes to hold your wine necks. This beautiful wine rack is a great addition to your decor and will stun your guests too.

Wooden notebooks

Whether you love to keep a personal journal or a diary to take notes of what fancies you, having a personalised one is the choice for many. The reason is simple, it has a reflection of your personality and what if we say that you can have that in wood too. Yes, in this era of mass production of goods differentiated only by labels, wooden notebooks stand out from the crowd. You can get you name, picture, favourite quote or logo engraved on the wood. Wooden notebooks are a perfect companion while travelling where you can pen down your stories.

Carved wooden posters

The blank walls of your home can become the perfect canvas to show off your creativity. Add personality and style to the walls with wooden artwork. Carved wooden posters will add rustic appeal to your home. You can cover every inch of your wall with wooden artwork creating an electric assortment of wooden posters engraved with pictures, art and quotes in different sizes and woods. This will give an informal and free-spirited look to the room. Or you can use a single large wooden poster to grab the attention of your guests.

Wooden sunglasses

Sunglasses help define your style whether they are round, oval, rectangular, square, big or small, they make a statement. Apart from being a great fashion accessory, they protect your eyes from the harsh sun and weather conditions. We pay much attention to the clothing to carry out the look properly, care needs to be given to those pair of wonders too. Having a pair of wooden sunglasses makes a far greater style statement and has the power to add a fashion touch to even the most basic outfit with minimal effort.

The above-mentioned are some of the wooden accessories to add style to your life.

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